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Ep. 133 – PAX East 2011 Vidcast


Media Junkyard Vidcast for 3/16/11! We take a trip to Boston to attend the 2nd ever PAX East! In this episode: Mortal Kombat Interview/Hands-On Battle: Los Angeles Review Shoot Many Robots Interview/Hands-On Nintendo 3DS Interview/Hands-On Duke Nukem Forever Interview/Hands-On Portal 2 Interview/Preview And a lot more!

Ep. 83 – PAX East 2010

Rob, Chris, Boston and Robin (remotely) head into Boston to check out the very first PAX East! With Shuby and Cory also involved, the trip can only be described as EPIC. In this episode: New Muppet Movie Popeye in 3D Monster Squad Being Remade PAX East Impressions Rob Tries Out Guitar Controllers Limbo Xbox Live Arcade Game Preview Nvidia 3D Vision PlayOn – Watch Hulu, Netflix, CBS and more…