Media Junkyard Ep. 4 – You Had To Be A Bigshot!

Episode 4 is chock full of goodness! We debut our new segment, “Casual Tech”, where we talk about the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray battle. In our TV segment, we’re up to Thursday Night’s Fall Primetime schedule, where we talk about the great new show – Big Shots. We also “Take out the Trash” on bad parents. You’ll find all that and much more!

Media Junkyard Ep. 3 – Musical Mayhem

Episode 3 is jam packed with goodness! We debut our first rapid-fire segment, “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”, give a sneak peak of Spider-Man: The Musical, chat about the Wednesday night primetime TV schedule, dish it out to the MTA and a whole bunch more!

Media Junkyard Ep. 2 – The “#2″ Episode

In episode #2, we have guest hosts CB and Kaitlin on the show. We talk about the 61-year-old Momma’s boy, New Led Zeppelin news, Whoopi Goldberg on The View, the Tuesday TV Primetime Fall schedule, movie sequels galore and so much more!

Media Junkyard Ep. 1 – Welcome/Put your kids in the closet

Our very first episode! We talk about “Hairy Harry Potter”, Guitar Hero, The new Bob Barker and the Fall Monday night major network television lineup. And let’s not forget our “Taking Out the Trash” segment – Bad Girls of Hollywood. Let the good times roll!!