Media Junkyard Ep. 12 – Holiday Jingles and Tingles

It’s the holiday episode! Sit back and relax while we sip some eggnog and update you on the latest Media shenanigans. Strike Watch 07 continues and the end is nowhere in sight. Find out what you can expect in January! We also share our special re-working of a classic Christmas song, take out the trash on big gaudy inflatable lawn decorations and plenty of other holiday surprises!

Media Junkyard Ep. 11 – You Never Go Balls First!

In our pre-holiday episode, episode 11, we continue with Strike Watch 07, talk about the controversial movie “The Golden Compass”, discuss the latest on the Hi-def format wars, take out the trash on baby strollers, and most likely offend at least 10 people!

Media Junkyard Ep. 10 – Gobble, Gobble

Episode 10 is finally among us! You’ll hear our thoughts on Rock Band and the new Simpsons game for Xbox 360, the latest updates on the Writer’s strike (including how many episodes of each TV show are left), the million and one reality shows that will be forced down your throat, and tons more surprises! Also, Taking Out The Trash is back and we go off on Black Friday shopping…

Media Junkyard Ep. 9 – Strike! You’re Out!

Episode 9 is stuffed full of good stuff! Find out the latest on the Writer’s Guild strike and how movies and TV will be affected! We also talk about the newly announced Broadway Stagehand strike. Casual Tech examines the new Google cell phone operating system, Android. Rock Band comes out November 20th for Xbox 360 and PS3, find out the latest info and hear about the MTV ‘Battle of the…

Media Junkyard Ep. 8 – Harvest Lovin’

It’s episode 8, the Halloween episode! We’re joined by some fun friends from the South. (We needed a much more sensitive stereo mic for this, so please disregard the clanking of dishes and the barking of doggies!) In this episode: Dumbledore is gay!!, Colbert for Prez,  Clash of the Choirs, Regis and Kelly Halloween in 3D, Hitch the sitcom coming next Fall?, Failed TV Pilot: Babylon Fields, a whole bunch…

Media Junkyard Ep. 7 – Fancy-Crazy Stuff

Back in the good ol’ NY! In Episode 7, you’ll hear about the possible writer’s strike, Regis Philbin in a new primetime game show, Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails go label free, Halo 3 shatters records, how friggin good the CW’s Reaper is, and a whole bunch more!

Media Junkyard Ep. 6 – The Road Trip Episode!

Episode 6 is brought to you from on the road! We take a trip to Maryland and wacky adventures ensue. Besides our crazy stories, we talk about new pilots on iTunes, Jimmy Smits on your ham, the Sat/Sun TV schedule and all the cool stuff at Digital Life! Don’t miss it!